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Peta Murgatroyd (Entertainment Tonight)

Gaining a sister-in-law isn't the only thing Murgatroyd has to look forward to! Back in 2017, she filmed her first starring role in a movie, Faith, Hope & Love, which finally hits theaters this month. In the flick, the former DWTS pro plays a struggling dance instructor who partners with a widower for a dance competition in the hopes of winning enough prize money to save her studio.

"It was kind of the perfect transition... coming from the dancing world and just getting into a new art form and just testing out the waters... just to see if I can do this or not," she said of the movie. "It's been very exciting and a whole new world has kind of opened up for me, so it's very cool."

As for her husband, who also has a small role in the flick, he was supportive of her efforts and "pleasantly surprised" by the result.

"I think he definitely would have said to me like, 'Babe, maybe this isn't for you,'" Murgatroyd revealed of her husband, who, she said, spent some extra time on set when he knew she would be filming a romantic scene.

"He wasn't weird, but I could tell he stayed a little longer to catch one of the romantic scenes just to be there for it," she said. "I was like,'Oh, I didn't know you were staying.'... But, yeah, no, he was really cute."

The couple already shares a 2-year-old son named Shai, but "definitely want another baby soon."

"I don't think he would want one because he has to share everything now," Murgatroyd admitted of Shai. "He's a pretty good sharer, but I don't know how he's gonna be when somebody else comes into the picture."

Even with her jam-packed schedule, a return to the DWTS ballroom is something Murgatroyd would very much like, after having been absent from the show since participating in season 25 in 2017.

"I would love to be back," she said. "I miss everybody and, you know, although it is hard work... it is the toughest job of all time, but I don't know what it's gonna take to get me back." 

"I mean, I wanna come back, so... if it's up to me, yes, probably," she added of a possible return to the show this fall. "If they will have me back!" 

Faith, Hope & Love hits theaters on March 15. Audiences can visit www.fhlmovie.com for more information and theater listings.


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